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Hell Dorado is a skirmish war-game in which small war bands of around ten members clash in epic and bloody battle to conquer the most hostile territory imaginable, Hell itself.

1634 ... The languages ​​of voluptuous licking flames of war the human heart ... We will kill for faith, for wealth, for power, for glory ... In the mud and debris, a gate to hell itself open. And they are engulfed by the dozen. Missionaries, conquistadors, settlers, troopers, great captains ...

  Downstairs is a new world that awaits them.  A world of hope, a world to plunder, a world to build.  A world populated by demons who do not intend to yield an inch of their territory.  A world overrun by other humans, from the East to find the result of their mystical quest. A world where creatures lurk nameless, lost to all humanity.